The cultural association Lungomare has been transformed into a cooperative. Our projects from 2021 onwards can be found on this website.

Ingrid Hora

Ingrid Hora is a visual artist, born in 1976 in Bolzano, Italy and lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Through her multidisciplinary artistic production, ranging from performative interventions, installation, drawing to video and photography, Hora stages experiments that put into question socio-political conditions, challenge collectivity and how democratic processes come into being. Often departing from very context specific knowledges, locally rooted traditions or historic turning points, Ingrid Hora develops artistic interventions that establish new temporary networks by creating collective moments of togetherness. Objects, drawings, or sculptural elements are the props for collective performative interventions- often enacted in public space- which the artist orchestrates by giving a series of basic instructions.

Questioning the human part of a collective and its eagerness to act outside of its individual realm and how a collective acts outside of its common context when a set of norms collapse lie at the core of many of Ingrid Hora’s projects. The artistic process itself often is a collective act of creation in which the artists seeks dialogue with other disciplines such as dance, literature or music.