DUMMY Verlag


Angelika Burtscher, Daniele Lupo


Linsey Dollemann, Chiara Chesaretti

We are pleased to design the next issue #74 of the magazine DUMMY.


DUMMY is an independent society magazine that has been distributed in German-speaking countries since 2003. Dummy is published quarterly on a different social theme and is designed by a new art director each time. Previous topics have included Muslims, Austria, Jews, the East, the disabled, the atom, drugs, disobedience, stupidity, suicide, and shit – topics that, despite their social relevance, are often hardly ever treated journalistically. This results in a journalistic event every three months, the appearance of which changes from issue to issue: the cover page and form language are different each time, and a consistent design is dispensed with.


Lungomare is responsible for the art direction of issue #74 on the topic of “Pigs”.