Kolar Aparna

Kolar Aparna is a researcher at the Nijmegen Center for Border Research, Radboud University, Nl. Her current research focuses on questioning the boundedness underlying hospitality theorisations as well as practices in relation to asylum migration and borders of Europe. Through participatory action research processes in which collective processes of hospitality are negotiated, initiated and simultaneously reflected upon by various actors under the banner of “Asylum University”, her research aims to go beyond the “hospitality trap” currently underpinning research on this topic, while also questioning the limits of Universities as safe spaces for knowledge exchange. Having a background in choreography as a performing artist, and more recently in human geography, she has been critically engaged with questions of spatial relations as central to power struggles, borders and identities for the last two decades. Her work as a performing artist has travelled to dance festivals in India, U.S., Netherlands and Belgium. Her work as a researcher has been appreciated with the Herta Macht Prize of 2014 from the University of Groningen meant for young researchers in spatial sciences. She has published her work in scientific journals, independent media platforms, as well as scientific, and artistic magazines like AGORA, Geografie and MONU.