Teresa Sdralevich

Teresa Sdralevich, graphic designer, freelance illustrator and author, lives and works in Belgium. Born in Milan in 1969, she moved to Brussels in 1994 after graduating in political science from the University of Bologna, where she briefly attended courses in graphic design and illustration. In 2005, she set up a screen-printing workshop in the Belgian capital, which was also open to other artists. Her favourite themes are of a social, political and cultural nature, which he addresses through the design of posters, individually or in series, for which he creates texts and images.

In addition to associations and public institutions, she also works with publishing houses and magazines. She regularly leads workshops in museums, academies and festivals throughout Europe and beyond. Her latest book, Poster Power! Great Posters and How to Make Them” (Cicada, 2017) is published in Italy by Corraini.