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The public space that pauses temporarily

As a prelude to the artist in residency 2020, Angelika Burtscher and Daniele Lupo from Lungomare and the architects Margherita Manfra and Nasrin Mohiti Asli from orizzontale discussed last 29 April 2020 about the current condition of the public space during the corona epidemic.

You can watch and listen to the conversation as a video or audio track.

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Public acts

En plein air.

The artist in residency 2020 Lungomare with orizzontale started with three public acts. A series of practical exercises made to explore and re-inhabit the public spaces of the city of Bolzano.

The shock of the pandemic tamed us temporarily and put us in a status of pseudo-captivity. The public space was put into pause and thus also the possibility to use it, the freedom to inhabit it and to perceive it as a social meeting place.

For several weeks now we have been entering and meeting each other again in the public spaces and coexisting with its new rules that regulate mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion. The laws are there to draw physical and spatial boundaries and to control our behaviour. Barrier tapes are used to limit public spaces from use and floor patterns determine our movements and our “protected zones”.

Now is time to activate our thoughts and actions, we want to cross the threshold and move out of our comfort zone. We want to re-inhabit what surrounds us and perceive our right to the outside space.

Public act #1


Delimited space.
Protection or exclusion?

20.06.20 / 11.00 – 13.00 / Via Cagliari 

As a first approach to get out of our captive state, we gave shape to a delimited environment.
With signal tapes a confrontation place was created to reflect on borders as zones of protection and exclusion.

With the participation of
Spazio autogestito 77 and Fridays for Future South Tyrol

Public act #2


Free spaces.
Possibility or denial?

20.06.20 / 16.00 – 18.00 / Alexander Langer Square (Lungotalvera)

During the second public act we reflected on the relationships that the city of Bolzano promotes and allows. We played with the social distancing rules and using a drawing instrument we measured and visualised the space. How can we interact with each other? In which spaces of the city can we be children?

with the participation of
Officine Vispa

Public act #3

Domestic and wild space.
Is there a balance?

20.06.20 / 21.00 – 22.30 / Piazza Università

The last act posed questions to the city of Bolzano and its inhabitants and produced a series of pictures (wishes). The collected fragments are a collection of impressions that the inhabitants of the city have shared with orizzontale. What kind of images are there of the city of Bolzano? Which images can we imagine?




In June 2020, when orizzontale travelled through the city of Bolzano after lockdown undertaking on- site research and meeting experts, the desire was born to revive public space and create tools for collective action.

Co-Carts are vehicles for the community. They can be attached to a bicycle, and their shape and function have the potential to change urban space.

Co-Carts are pop-up devices, built to be manipulated and transformed, to enter into synergy with each other and with their context and to amplify the relationship between the inhabitants and the city.

The installation of a megaphone amplifies protesting voices, giving important messages their necessary acoustic strength; Temporary exhibitions can be held on the vehicles, they are equipped with a table that invites you to do things together, a cinema screen for projections, a telescope that is both telescope and kaleidoscope, and flaps and doors that create a temporary space for action.

Co-Carts will be able to be rented and used by Bolzano citizens. To borrow them it will be necessary to share some basic values defined jointly by Lungomare, orizzontale and the other partners involved:

Co-Carts are eccentric, open, and anti-racist. They do not produce personal profit. They support inclusiveness, deconstructing existing categories, not only creating a space but celebrating it. Co-Cartspromote freedom of opinion, are multilingual, cross-cultural, and trigger discussion, debate, reactions. The Co-Carts are slow but agile, both quiet and noisy. They don’t disturb traffic but they do alter it, and with absolute certainty, they don’t emit exhaust gases! They are vehicles that open up new possibilities and stimulate the imagination.


For more info about the project >


The Co-Carts will be built collectively from 17 to 21 October at the public workshop in the Lungomare garden.

Co-Carts Festival
Co-Carts Festival postponed to spring 2021

Due to the new Covid-19 regulations, events in public spaces in Bolzano are currently not allowed. So the festival and the project presentation of the Co-Carts – vehicles for the community is postponed to spring 2021. We have planned and built the Co-Carts together during these past few weeks and we would still like to present in some way the finished Co-Carts to the city residents.

We are organizing a test ride in Bolzano on Friday, 23 October from 5-7 pm and on Saturday, 24 October from 3-5 pm. On this occasion we would like to invite the city residents to take photos and videos of the passing Co-Carts and then post them on Facebook and Instagram under the hashtag #cocarts.

Programm > Posponed

(due to Covid restrictions or bad weather, activities and times may be subject to change)


Friday 23.10.2020
Piazzale Langer

Yomer (artist, singer-songwriter and performer) presents the Co-Carts manifesto through a show

presentation of the residence project and discussion with Nina Bassoli (Architect, curator and researcher at the Free University of Bolzano)


Saturday 24.10.2020
11am – 1pm
Talvera Bridge

Yomer (artist, singer-songwriter and performer) presents the Co-Carts manifesto through a show

Poetry Slam in collaboration with Fridays for Future South Tyrol

from 3-6pm
Piazzetta Casagrande

Yomer (artist, singer-songwriter and performer) presents the Co-Carts poster through a show

Ideensalon on the public space of Bolzano, in collaboration with blufink and Studio Comune

juggling workshop (for children) with SLAM Circus in collaboration with Spazio Autogestito 77

Workshop of Seed Bombs in collaboration with Fridays for Future South Tyrol


Sunday 25.10.2020

Co-Carts Parade from Piazza Mazzini in Piazza San Vigilio

11am – 3pm
Piazzetta San Vigilio

Yomer (artist, singer-songwriter and performer) presents the Co-Carts manifesto through a show

Salto Talk in collaboration with with Nasrin Mohiti Asli (orizzontale collective), Angelika Burtscher (Lungomare), Xenia Trojer (Officine Vispa), Zeno Oberkofler (Fridays for Future South Tyrol), Matteo De Cecchi (Spazio Autogestito 77), Fouzia Kinyanui (Mediatrice)

tailoring workshop (patch-work flag) for children in collaboration with Officine Vispa

CiclOfficina in collaboration with spazio 77