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Lungomare Hosts :: Performance “Piedi” :: Ide Maman – 22/10/2021 – 7pm


Fr – 22.10.2021
7 p.m.

duration: 45′
language: Italian
The performance “Piedi” (“Feet”) is based on a true story: the artist’s migration route through the Sahara and across the sea. In an imaginary boat, he receives one person from the audience at a time, who is asked to choose one of several packaged objects before boarding. Through storytelling that stimulates the curiosity, reflection and emotions of the audience, a process of participation and communication is set in motion.:::

Ide Maman is an artist born in Zinder (Niger) who lives and works in Bolzano. He works as a director and actor in film and theatre and photographs and writes.

The initiative is realised with the support of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, Italian Culture Department.
Free entrance // Access only with Green Pass.