We are happy to announce that the project “Torno indietro un attimo. Along a River” by Antonio Rovaldi has been selected among the winners of the call Strategia Fotografia 2023.


“Torno indietro un attimo. Along a River” is a photographic reflection on the Adige River. Antonio Rovaldi, by practising slow walking, investigate the river and the surrounding environment, from its source to its mouth. The artist’s intention is to return a photographic tale of a humid and elastic geography, a direct experience with the fluvial and aquatic landscape. Questioning the act of crossing, the narrative also reveals stories about borders that distinguishes the territories the river Adige flows through, from its source at Passo Resia in South Tyrol, to its mouth at Rosalina and Chioggia in Veneto.


The project starts from the collaboration of various cultural institutions such as Foto Forum, Lungomare, Museion, NICHE (THE NEW INSTITUTE Centre for Environmental Humanities) and Grenze-Arsenali Fotografici. The project will include a programme of cultural activities in the cities along the river’s trajectory, so Bolzano, Verona and Venice.


Curated by Angelika Burtscher and Daniele Lupo

Produced by Foto Forum and Lungomare

Within the project Flux — River Interventions and Explorations