An audio-guide on the theme of borders and hospitality for the city of Bolzano

by Kolar Aparna and Beatrice Catanzaro

Script by Elena Pugliese

A project by Lungomare

Project's information

YOU ARE BUT YOU ARE NOT is an audio-guide on the theme of borders and hospitality. The guide is trilingual, in three chapters, and is conceived as a permanent audio track for the city of Bolzano.

YOU ARE BUT YOU ARE NOT is a project by the geographer Kolar Aparna and the artist Beatrice Catanzaro and is curated and produced by Lungomare in the context of their long-term residency 2016-2017. The script of the audio-guide is written by Elena Pugliese.

YOU ARE BUT YOU ARE NOT interconnects research on migration with cultural production, moves between reality and fiction, and is the result of participative research and work practices with the civil society, activists, researchers, representatives of NGOs and refugees from the area around Bolzano. The audio-guide follows a given route in the public space of the city of Bolzano. It starts at Bolzano train station and moves along the “margins” of the city, passing through the area of the train station to the Rosegger Park, opposite the central police station.

The listener is guided by a narrating voice, which interlaces facts with metaphors, and reflects on the shifting of boundaries and the emergence of biographies, as well as on the conditions of hosting and becoming refugee in Europe. YOU ARE BUT YOU ARE NOT aims to offer a reflective journey into "our" procedures of hospitality in Europe.

Audio guide

From the train station to Rosegger Park, opposite the police central station.
We recommend using headphones.

  • • Go to the train station.
  • • Go to platform 3.
  • • Go to the waiting room.
  • • Put your shoulder to the entrance of the waiting room on platform 3.
  • • Press play.
  • • Don’t interrupt the audio once you start.
  • • For further insights scroll down.

This is a version of the audio guide that can be experienced from anywhere.
We recommend using headphones.

Along with the map of the route, you can explore the conceptual cartography of the audioguide: Atlas of a territory that is but is not


Further insights

But the south is moving towards the north

Text by Angelika Burtscher, Roberto Gigliotti, Daniele Lupo and Lisa Mazza


From a territory in-between

Statement by Kolar Aparna and Beatrice Catanzaro


Atlas of a territory that is but is not

The booklet of the audio-guide



with the support of
with the patronage of UNHCR – United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees