La rivoluzione del tempo profondo – Marzia Migliora

Second Edition of Arte San Leonardo

La rivoluzione del tempo profondo is the title of the work by artist Marzia Migliora, created for the 2024 edition of the Arte a San Leonardo, a project which brings the languages of contemporary art into dialogue with the history and identity of Tenuta San Leonardo, a wine-producing estate located in Avio, Trentino.

La rivoluzione del tempo profondo explores the imperceptible spans of geological time, which we can only observe through rocks, fossil remains of extinct plants and animals, and the shifting of tectonic plates. During a residency at Tenuta San Leonardo, Marzia Migliora worked with experts from various field and explored the area surrounding the estate. She then created three large paintings depicting the landscape by combining elements of present and past life forms.


The drawings show “a complex living system, a vast world of interconnections” that brings together “cells, organs, muscles, fossils, minerals, plants, marine creatures, bark, sperm, humans, and animals, in motion, a macro and micro system, a living community and its mutual relationships.”


The paintings are realised with mixed techniques and crossed by an interweaving of roots, veins and purple rivers, composed by the artist with the tartar dust that is used for the wine production, an element that makes the interdependence between the different species inhabiting the landscape recognisable.

Lungomare has developed the graphic design of the project, producing a leporello-book in 200 numbered copies, a series of  wine labels for the 2019 San Leonardo bottles, each of them created starting from a detail of the three drawings.


The leporello-book, which becomes a sculptural object when leafed through, alternates a narrative composed of marks, interweavings and engravings with the words of the interview to the artist conducted by Giovanna Amadasi. 

The gray dust jacket, shaped like a landscape, wraps around the white cover, on which details of Marzia’s drawings in black, alternate with different embossing that can be felt by touch and seen in raking light.


The series of the wine-labels is composed of different details extracted from the paintings, embellished with purple veins that evoke the color of tartar powder and interwoven with brass-colored typography.




Art direction and Graphic design



Giovanna Amadasi

A project by

Anselmo Guerrieri Gonzaga, Ilaria Tronchetti Provera


Tenuta San Leonardo


Marzia Migliora 

Photo Documentation

Paola Boscaini, Cecilia Tommasi