Lungomare is a platform for design and cultural production. We carry out commissions and initiate artistic projects. In collaboration with clients, artists and other experts we develop strategies and concepts that focus on finding the appropriate form for the content to be conveyed. Our work encompasses communication, exhibition design, spatial concepts and curatorial projects. We create meeting places and experiential spaces in the urban context and we invite artists to work with us to develop thematic and site specific projects. Lungomare operates in a variety of different spaces: public and private, virtual and print, urban and curated.

In each of these spaces, whether physical, virtual or conceptual, we create the potential for exchange and discussion, always putting socio-political issues front and centre. Our team combines knowledge from art and design in theory and practice. Our working processes involve dialogue with artists, scientists and experts from all walks of life; this allows us to explore new perspectives and collectively negotiate the spaces we design. Lungomare works with private clients, public bodies, theatres, museums, publishers and societies.


We understand design as the communication of content within a specific context. Our design process might culminate in an exhibition, a website or a book. On another occasion it might lead to an urban intervention, a conversation or a shared evening meal. What these formats all have in common is that each addresses an audience of various voices, so they all start new dialogues.We conduct research and undertake studies on current affairs and issues in the city where we work. This means we are responsive to social requirements and the need to share ideas, experiences and differences. And Lungomare physically embodies this attitude: our premises on the outskirts of Bolzano-Bozen are a meeting place that is open to all.


We conceive, design and produce
– transdisciplinary art and cultural projects
– visual identities for the cultural sector and private clients
– communication concepts and strategies
– communication and awareness campaigns
– books and magazines
– exhibitions, content and design
– public realm installations
– orientation systems for cities, buildings and thematic displays
– websites, apps and animations
– workshops at universities, with societies and civil society initiatives


We are also open to enquiries about other areas. The Lungomare portfolio is available on request. Simply send us an email at

Lungomare are


Angelika Burtscher/ Artistic direction


Paola Boscaini / Production and Coordination


Chiara Cesaretti / Design


Elisa Del Prete / Production and Coordination


Daniele Lupo / Artistic direction


Michela Manenti / Design Intern


Cecilia Tommasi / Design

Founded by


Angelika Burtscher
Frida Carazzato
Daniele Lupo
Eva Mair
Georg Manuel Zeller



Ada Keller / Production and Coordination

Flora Mammana / Coordination and Project Development

Elisa Cappellari / Intern

Merve Bektas / Design

Linsey Dolleman / Design

Paula Götz / Design Intern
Lucrezia Caon / Design

Sarah Keck / Production and Coordination

Corina Koch / Design



Angelika Burtscher (Administrative Board)
Frida Carazzato
Daniele Lupo (Administrative Board)

Marion Oberhofer
Georg Manuel Zeller (Administrative Board)




Merve Bektas
Angelika Burtscher
Frida Carazzato
Chiara Cesaretti
Elisa Del Prete
Linsey Dolleman
Claudia Jocher
Ada Keller
Daniele Lupo
Marion Oberhofer
Georg Manuel Zeller