Where Reich für die Insel Kubus Rennweg 4, Innsbruck (AT)

Time 7pm


Aldo Giannotti, Stefanie Sargnagel, Katerina Šedá and the curators Angelika Burtscher, Veronika Hackl and Daniele Lupo

In collaboration with

Frauen gegen VerGEWALTigung, Frauenzentrum Osttirol, Mannsbilder Tirol

In occasion of

Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Tirol 2022

To kick off the 2nd edition of #somethingiswrong in Tyrol, the participating artists and representatives of the organisations will talk about their work practice and present the project together with the curators (Angelika Burtscher, Veronika Hackl and Daniele Lupo) in a panel discussion.


The project Something is Wrong: Three Campaigns against Violence against Women thematises violent crimes against women. In cooperation with organisations working in the field of victim protection and prevention, the three artists Aldo Giannotti, Stefanie Sargnagel and Katerina Šedá create three poster campaigns that deal with different aspects of gender-specific violence. #somethingiswrong transforms the public space of cities and villages that surrounds us every day and uses billboards that are otherwise used for advertising purposes to initiate conversations, raise awareness and thus initiate transformative processes together.