Where Riverbanks of Talvera (close to Piazzale Langer)

Time 7 pm

FLUX-Zine N.2 will be presented on Friday, the 3rd of May at 7pm at the riverbanks of Talvera (next to Piazzale Langer). For the occasion two performances will take place:


Filippo Capobianco, poetry slam world champion, will perform Tu pensi come un fiume, a poetry show realised in collaboration with SAAV.


FIUMICINA Mirror Prelude by Johanna Dehio, Mascha Fehse and Johanna Padge is a multi-handed “mirroring” action that will introduce the wider FIUMICINA project, a participatory installation for a temporary solar kitchen on the banks of the Talvera.


FLUX-Zine, a newspaper about interventions, explorations and interweaving of rivers, animals, plants, humans and the built environment, aims to create a space for relationships and exchanges among different knowledge about river landscapes. Also for the second issue, many artists and researchers have been involved to offer their point of view on the rivers of our city and beyond.


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FLUX-Zine N.2
03.05.2024, 7 pm
Riverbanks of Talvera (next to Piazzale Langer)

With Filippo Capobianco, Johanna Dehio and Mascha Fehse