Where From Lungomare

Time 5 pm


Futurefarmers, Ellis Blauw, Guillermo Galindo, Ultra Alto, Riverlivers

As the third Act off “A Meander, (com)positions with the river” by Futurefarmers, a Sound Festival for the Elephant invites visitors to explore the life force of the river and its perpetual motion as an energy that can be drawn upon to explore new forms of creation and relationships.


The festivals’ program that unfolds over the course of three days begins with a procession that carries the elephant (an elephant-shaped construction) like a sacred statue to its destination on the banks of the Isarco. The fluid, slouching and bulky architecture of the animal arrives on the banks of the river to lie down exhausted after a long journey, where a group of artists and citizens awaits with a feast of music and refreshment that can restore their tired and thirsty limbs. The time that the elephant rests by the riverside will be accompanied by narrations, installations and concerts, transforming the riverbank by via Trento into a central place of meeting and exchange.

::: Friday, 30.06.2023 :::

5 pm Departure of the Elephant from Lungomare with Futurefarmers and Ultra Alto
7 pm Arrival and tuning at the riverside of Isarco
8 pm Sonisarco. Animate Through Presence installation by Ultra Alto


6–10 pm sound installations tuning by Guillermo Galindo, Ellis Blauw


Eisack’s Elixir’s Tea Bar by Clara Milla
Moroccan Food by Bahjia
Join the actions. Any contribution is welcome. Feel free to bring a gift for the Elephant.


Angelika Burtscher, Daniele Lupo

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In occasion of

FLUX – River Interventions and Explorations


Elisa Del Prete, Sarah Keck


Paula Götz

With the support of

Autonome Provinz Bozen-Südtirol - Kulturabteilungen; Stadt Bozen, Amt für Kultur; Region Trentino-Südtirol; Stiftung Sparkasse; Österreichisches Kulturforum Mailand; Hotel Laurin