On the occasion of Lungomare 20, in collaboration with designer Martino Gamper, a special edition of AS IF, the reader published for the 20th anniversary, was created in a limited run of 120 copies.


Throughout a day-long performance, Martino Gamper conducted a milling intervention along the frontal cut of each of the 120 copies, resulting in a unique engraving each time—a deliberate violation of the book as an object and its sanctity. This not only rendered each copy distinct but also transformed the experience of handling the book, adding a personalized mark on every page that engaged with other graphic elements in dialogue.


The specially crafted edition of the AS IF reader by the artist is available for 50€ and can be purchased by sending an email to info@lungomare.org. Hurry up and get your copy!


For more information about the book and its contents, visit the related page on our website.