Designing the visual identity of an audio series telling the cultural history of the Eggental valley

Sternfahrt is an audio series by Martin Hanni that in six episodes presents various cultural-historical events from the history of the valley, and packages the stories with music, sounds, and a suitable frame narration to create a listening experience. The audio series is designed for various bus routes and has its centre in the village of Birchabruck. From there it goes in a star shape into the Eggental landscape.

Visual Identity and Website

The contrast between thin lines and full backgrounds, between dark blue and acid green, between single-line typography and sans-serif fonts, draws the identity of Sternfahrt, which highlights the hidden narratives of the Eggental with its story collection. The idea of highlighting translates the concept of storytelling and is visually expressed in the illustrations, choice of fonts, and colours. This network of stories and characters reshapes the star-shaped map of the valley, and connects constellations of different voices and sounds.

The six stories are interpreted and illustrated by six images that represent the six main themes of the stories. The website is designed in such a way that the audio stories are also easily communicated on mobile phones, and include additional information and details about the routes of the connected bus lines.




Bildungsausschuss Eggen, Deutschnofen, Karneid; Welschnofen; Autonome Provinz Bozen Südtirol Deutsche Kultur

A project by

Martin Hanni


Chiara Cesaretti, Daniele Lupo

In collaboration with

Elvio Carini