Where at Lungomare, via Rafenstein 12, Bolzano

Time 7 pm

In occasion of

FLUX – River interventions and explorations

Presentation of the first issue of FLUX-Zine with Annalisa Metta (author and landscape architect), Hannes Obermair (historian), Alberto Winterle (architect).


Between retrospectives on past FLUX activities and outlooks on what lies ahead, FLUX-Zine illuminates the riverscapes of Bolzano and elsewhere, interviews scientists as well as residents, creates space for artistic and lyrical contributions and opens unexpected insights into the interweavings of human and river.

On 17.05.2023 at 7 pm, we cordially invite you to the presentation of the FLUX-Zine at Lungomare! From that time on, the newspaper will also be available for free reading and takeaway at distribution stations along the riverbanks.



With contributions from: Roberta Bottarin, Angelika Burtscher, Federica Castelli + Serena Olcuire, Francesco Comiti, Claudia Corrent, Vittorio Curzel, Elisa Del Prete, Futurefarmers, Waltraud Kofler Engl, Heinz Mader, Flora Mammana, Lorenzo Mattotti, Lia Mazzari + Caroline Profanter, Annalisa Metta, Anna Michelotti, Astrida Neimanis, Hannes Obermair, Anne Marie Pircher, Amedeo Sartori, Sööt/Zeyringer, Herwig Turk, Susanne Waiz + Ludwig Thalheimer.

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Angelika Burtscher, Elisa Del Prete, Flora Mammana


Paula Götz, Chiara Cesaretti