Where Lungomare, Via Rafenstein 12, Bolzano

Time 7pm

Language German

Organised in collaboration with

LAS (Landscape Architecture South Tyrol)

An event in the context of

the project FLUX -River interventions and explorations

Planning is usually constrained by a certain reality. Hannes Gröblacher (landscape architect and artist) and Lilli Lička (landscape architect, consultant and activist) are not intimidated by this, but try to open up new thinking spaces in their practice, even in a city as dense as Vienna – for example in Westbahnpark. The Westbahnpark exists so far only in the heads, hearts, stomachs and imaginations of many city inhabitants. The “Büro für lustige Angelegenheiten” – BLA in short (“Office for Funny Affairs”), offeres guided tours into a future in which the Westbahnpark already exists. The growing group WESTBAHNPARK.JETZT continues to hold on the real utopia with “wish production”, fantastic and realistic actions.


Hannes Gröblacher and Lilli Lička present at Lungomare the process how they want to realize this utopia and propose an alternative to politically entrenched processes.


The event is organised in cooperation with LAS (Landscape Architecture in South Tyrol), an association founded in 2005 that works on a voluntary basis for broad sensibilisation in relation to landscape architecture and open space design as a contribution to building culture as well as sustainable development of the landscape.