Free copies of the FLUX-Zine, a newspaper about interventions, explorations and interweaving of rivers, animals, plants, humans and the built environment, are available along the riverbanks of Bolzano.


Look for the distribution spots, take a copy and enjoy the reading with the gentle sound of flowing water in the background.


You can find the FLUX-Zine at the following coordinates:

>>Along the banks of the Talvera river, close to bar S. Antonio (46°30’16.5″N 11°20’59.7″E)

>>Along the banks of the Isarco river, via Trento (46°29’35.7”N 11°21’04.2”E)

>>Along the banks of the Isarco river, near the yellow bridge (46°29’37.8”N 11°20’57.6”E)

>>Along the banks of the Isarco river, in Robert Baden-Powell Park, near the Roma bridge (46°29’23.3″N 11°20’30.5″E)