Between retrospectives on past FLUX actions and outlooks on what lies ahead, FLUX-Zine illuminates the river landscapes of Bolzano and elsewhere on 32 pages, interviews scientists as well as residents, creates space for artistic and lyrical contributions and opens unexpected insights into the interweavings of human and river.

Four narratives run through the magazine, outlining different forms of the relationship between people and the river. In this way, real contributions intertwine with fictional ones, political ones with poetic ones, creating a multi-layered picture of rivers and their significance. How does the global scarcity of water affect river landscapes? Can a river become a legal subject? Who has access to rivers and their banks, and how do we want to shape these public spaces in the future?

The magazine was printed on thin newsprint and the design with its narrow columns and tightly set texts is also reminiscent of the space-saving layout of a daily newspaper. At the same time, the images repeatedly break out of the underlying grid and text flows around them. Delicate lines separate the individual contributions from one another and small graphic elements gather like gravel on their banks, overlapping and leading the reader from one page to the next.

FLUX-Zine is not only a publication of the FLUX projects, but above all a river newspaper that is accessible to as many people as possible and can be discovered, read and taken along the riverbanks of Bolzano free of charge.


2023 – ongoing

A project by


In occasion of

FLUX – River interventions and explorations

Editorial Team

Angelika Burtscher, Elisa Del Prete, Flora Mammana


Chiara Cesaretti, Paula Götz

Artists and Authors

Roberta Bottarin, Federica Castelli + Serena Olcuire, Francesco Comiti, Claudia Corrent, Vittorio Curzel, Elisa Del Prete, Futurefarmers, Waltraud Kofler Engl, Heinz Mader, Flora Mammana, Lorenzo, Mattotti, Lia Mazzari + Caroline Profanter, Annalisa Metta, Anna Michelotti, Astrida Neimanis, Hannes Obermair, Anne Marie Pircher, Amedeo Sartori, Sööt/Zeyringer, Herwig Turk, Susanne Waiz + Ludwig Thalheimer


Eva Dewes, Katrin Hoppe, Carla Leidlmair-Festi


Alma Vallaza

In collaboration with

Tempi della città

With the support of

Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano, Dipartimento Cultura; Regione Autonoma Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol; Comune di Bolzano - Uffico Cultura; Ministerio Austriaco di Cultura Milano; Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio Bolzano

Photo Documentation

Elisa Cappellari