The memory and the tomorrow (la memoria e il domani)

Stories of women and men from Bergamo who have reflected on their future after Covid-19: tomorrow as told by those who have found the key to restarting in memory. With courage. The book is a diary, a collection of stories that emerged after listening to testimonies of life after the first pandemic in a series of meetings in the neighbourhoods, in the city’s Centri per Tutte le Età.


Each chapter has their own colour, these colours created a gradient, interweaving all chapters together as one. Connecting these different views and experiences together. In the back of the book the reader also gets the possibility to add their own reflection, creating a space to express their own view and experiences on these difficult, fearing and uncertain times we experienced, all alone in our homes, and at the same time all together.



A project by

Comune di Bergamo, Assessorato alle Politiche sociali, Consorzio Sol.Co Città Aperta, Ribes Consorzio Sociale

Text by

Fabiana Tinaglia


Chiara Cesaretti, Daniele Lupo


Chiara Cesaretti 

Photo Documentation

Elisa Cappellari


Comune di Bergamo

In collaboration with

Centri per Tutte le Età , Humanitas Gavazzeni, Il Circolo dei narratori and Il Cerchio di Gesso