Where at Lungomare, via Rafenstein 12, Bolzano

Time 7 pm


Claudia Corrent, Karl Unterfrauner, Ludwig Thalheimer + Susanne Waiz

An event in the context of

the project FLUX - River interventions and explorations

As part of FLUX FRAGMENTS, Collection I, Lungomare presents Claudia Corrent’s first photographic contribution created for FLUX. In the photo series “Oltrefiume” the photographer overlays image fragments, historical city views, snapshots of the past and present, interweaving memory and future, to sketch new imaginary worlds for the river space. The work describes how lived memory and the wish production of today are closely interwoven when we want to shape and change the city.


The artistic works ““Neophyten” by Karl Unterfrauner and “Homeless in Bolzano 2020-2021” by Ludwig Thalheimer + Susanne Waiz will also be presented on this occasion.