Where Accademia Carrara (Ala Vitali), Bergamo

Time 4:45 pm

A project by

Municipality of Bergamo - Department for Social Policies

In collaboration with

Centri per Tutte le Età, Humanitas Gavazzeni, Il Circolo dei narratori, Associazione Il Cerchio di Gesso


Consorzio Solco Città Aperta, Ribes Consorzio Sociale

The book «La memoria e il domani» (Memory and tomorrow), written by the journalist Fabiana Tinaglia, collects stories of women and men in Bergamo who reflect on their future after the Covid19 pandemic. Tomorrow is told by fifteen voices inspired by six narrations in Bergamo’s “Centres for all ages”. The storytellers have discovered in their memories the drive to start again with courage. Fifteen stories, which in the book correspond to fifteen colours of different shades, tell a different future in the form of a diary, starting from the memories of the inhabitants of the region of Italy most affected by the pandemic.


Lungomare was responsible for the conception and graphic design of the publication.