B-SHAPES seeks to identify, understand and re-envision the key role of borders as a central factor in forming and changing people’s perceptions of European societies and politics in the 21st century. The project is a collaborative research project between various researchers, universities, research institutes, museums, associations, foundations and art collectives.

Borders continue to play a key role in our perceptions of societies, culture, heritage and belonging. Three empiric working packages will scrutinize the role of borders shaping perceptions focusing on Euroscepticism in border regions, national minorities and border landscapes. B-SHAPES’ results will open for a reconfiguration of heritage policies, replacing national approaches with cross-border European approaches to heritage. These will empower citizens, but also economic sectors to contribute to the creation of more inclusive visions of culture and values, increasing the quality of life not only in border regions. B-SHAPES and its activities are funded by Horizon Europe.