B-SHAPES is a Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Action project analyzing and assessing how borders still are a key factor in how we understand societies. Together with eight European universities, one research institute, a national museum, a foundation, a political association and a consultancy, Lungomare aims at creating a more diverse understanding of borderlands, by reflecting on public, individual and spatial narratives.

Lungomare invited Boris Missirkov & Georgi Bogdanov, Esra Ersen, Ivan Moudov, ZimmerFrei and Zorka Wollny to work in the borderlands in Poland/Czech and Bulgaria/Greece/Turkey. Through artistic research, co-creative processes, transdisciplinary issues e.g ecology, landscape, culture, architecture, memory, history and context-specific implementations the artists address the importance of borderlands as contact zones for communities and individuals, that strengthen a sense of belonging and agency across borders, and highlights how cultural production contributes to the imagination of Europe.


The artistic intervention in Poland/Czech Republic is curated by Angelika Burtscher and Marion Oberhofer, for the intervention in the border region Bulgaria/Greece/Turkey the team is completed with Katia Anguelova.


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