Respect Every/body

Awareness campaign against body comments

Together with Infes, the institute for the prevention and sensitization for eating disorders , Lungomare has initiated and designed the campaign Respect Every/body, in 2023. It aims to counteract body comments and raise awareness about the harmful effects of commenting on people’s appearances. Respect Every/body” emphasizes that such comments are superficial, useless, and can lead to issues like eating disorders and cyberbullying.

Poster campaign

The poster campaign features a series of posters which depict citizens of various ages and social groups, frontally facing the camera and crossing their arms. A gesture that blocks off the negative impact but is also an active opposition to comments on the body. The writing on each poster is placed on differently colored backgrounds, highlighting the diversity of the people represented and accompanying the message that there is no one ideal body. The posters display an assortment of different sentences that communicate the dangers of commentary on physical appearance.


While the posters have been placed on official billboards across South-Tyrol they are also made available to the public, online or to be picked up at the Infes offices in Bolzano. Other materials that are also part of the campaign to involve the public are stickers and pins, in which the crossed arms reappear in the form of the X-logo which contains the name of the campaign: Respect Every/body”.


Respect Every/body invites everyone to become an ambassador to the campaign. Materials like posters, stickers, and pins can easily be requested and picked up or simply downloaded, through the website that has been designed specifically for the campaign. The website provides a simple overview over the issue of body-comments and how to handle confrontation with them, while also encouraging the public to show solidarity through the provided physical and digital materials.


2023 – ongoing

A project by



Infes, Forum Prävention




Linsey Dolleman


Paula Götz


Irene Sgarro

Photo Documentation

Paula Götz, Daniel Mazza