The Dorf:stimmen project brings together the voices of the inhabitants and residents of Nova Levante, inviting you to sit down and listen to the sound narrative that interweaves their feelings with fragments of village life.


The bench

The Dorf:stimmen project consists of the installation of two benches in the main square of Nova Levante on the backs of which it is possible to listen to the stories of the inhabitants of the valley who, through interviews, recount their memories and stories about their area. The audios are accessible to everyone through a QR-code system. The backrests are designed on the soft shapes of the details of the historical trademark of the municipality of Nova Levante. The curves and the colour blue become an integral part and identifying features of the project in the public space.


The stories

The audio stories are interviews that mix memories, old words and sound tracks describing the territory of Nova Levante. The stories are collected within five audio tracks, reflecting on five key concepts: a favourite moment (Lieblingszeit), proud (of wood) (Stolz (auf Holz)), one’s favourite place (Lieblingsort), a time travel (Zeitreise) and what one dislikes and would like to change (Was stört?).



Interviews and soundtrack by

Martin Hanni


Chiara Cesaretti, Linsey Dolleman and Daniele Lupo

Photo Documentation

Elisa Cappellari


Nova Levante


Bildungsausschuss Welschnofen


Tonstube Martin Niedermair

In collaboration with

Bildungsausschuss Welschnofen

With voices

of the inhabitants of Nova Levante