Rittner Horn/Corno del Renon
Istituto Marcelline, Bozen/Bolzano

A cura di
Opening 1: He shakes water for hours and hours

Thu 03/05/2012, 7pm
With Herbert Tratter
Guests: Joseph Miceli & Lina Ozerkina

Four presentations link four different places in and surrounding Bolzano: a building currently a school which in the past was a health resort becomes an auditorium for classical music; the Corno del Renon, famous for its 360°panoramic view and wind research station, becomes a place of orientation and a crossroads of directions; the cableway that travels from Bolzano to the Colle becomes the context for the presentation of a fashion-design invention; Lungomare, host to the first presentation and opening, meeting place and place of cultural production, becomes a place of agricultural experimentation. Agata Erlacher activates the links between her artistic work and the historical and current significance of the places crossed during this project. The participants and guests, who besides those contributing to the publication, are a curator, an artist and an actor from Vilnius, trace together with the artist a line of meaning through the exhibition of “in the difference in altitudes”.

Opening 2: A walk in a poem with a Sarner Jangger prototype
Opening 3: The North of an artwork and when the pendulum becomes your hand
Opening 4: Piano sonata by Mozart in the former Kurhaus Gries
Printed matter
Poster: Invited by the quality of light. Design: Joe Miceli & Lina Ozerkina
Poster: Invited by the quality of light. Design: Joe Miceli & Lina Ozerkina
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