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The Bernhard Willhelm-girl meets the Stephan Schneider-boy
Presentation of the magazine Mode Depesche


Mode Depesche communicates fashion. It uses a language that is articulate, reflective and ironic, combined with top-notch illustration and photographic contributions that are poetic, clever, humorous and imaginative to do justice to the many-facetted fashion cosmos. Although Mode Depesche defines itself as a fashion-philosophical publication, readers require no previous or specialized knowledge to comprehend or be stimulated by its contents. Needless to say, the editorial focus goes way beyond declaring red to be the new black or celebrating the comeback of the miniskirt. Fashion has more to say and its function is far more profound than that. (from: www.modedepesche.de)

Matinee with Benno Simma
Concert with WangInc.


A statement by WangInc.:
“…At age eleven, I was invited to my first dance and I practiced for hours in front of the TV in order to be a great dancer like “Tarzan Boy “. Of course, moving like an ape meant I didn’t have a lot of success with the girls. At thirteen, my ears fell in love with Duran Duran but being a wild child I didn’t have much success there either. Then in high school I discovered the underground music scene: Joy Division, the Cure, Crass and the group that a few years earlier seemed to me to be the name of a dick, the Sex pistols. Being a mysterious rebel who goes against the current earned me points with women. My adolescence ended with an unbearable infatuation that I got after listening to the Violent Femmes.”

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DJ-Set by DJ Veloziped


Personal song list on the subject of „Becoming an adult“:

The Cure: a forest
Sugarcubes: Leash Called Love P
Pixies: monkey gone to heaven
Lil Louies: french kiss
Dee-Lite: groove is in your heart
Talking Heads: once in a lifetime
Herbie Hancock: Rock it
Kraftwerk: Roboter
Joe Smooth: promised land
IO: claire

Printed matter
Invitation: Do you want to go out with me (front)
Invitation card: Do you want to go out with me (Illustration: Ilka Künzel)
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