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Female migrants and sex work

Monday, 05/07/2010, 7 pm
With: Kim Carrington, Marissa Lobo (Maiz, Linz), Betty / Sexyshock (Bologna)

Sexyshock is a communication laboratory open to women and a public space for discussion and reflection. Sexyshock is thus a research project, but also a place. A public space where it is possible to come together, archive material and a laboratory on sexuality. It was born within an autonomous space (the squatted Teatro Polivalente in Bologna). Today Sexyshock has its base within the Betty&Books (Via Rialto 23, Bologna), a shop that sells sextoys, books, collectable and designer objects that was born out of the synergy between Sexyshock and the Ibiscus cooperative.


Tuesday, 06/07/2010, 7 pm
With: Javier Toret (Barcelona)

Javier Toret will propose a workshop dedicated to the schizoanalytic practice created by the theorist and therapist Felix Guattari. Little known in Italy, schizoanalysis has developed in the Seventies as a critical alternative to traditional psychology and psychiatry. Today it represents an important conceptual reference in countries such as Spain, Brazil, Argentina, not only in the area of the “psy” disciplines, but also by inspiring artistic and theoretical practices which explore the body, subjectivity and desire.

Art and society: models for new perspectives

Wednesday, 07/07/2010, 7 pm
With: Elliot Perkins (Ultra-Red, London), Meike Schalk & Erika Mayr (Stockholm, Berlin), Cecilia Stefanelli (Donne Nissa, Bolzano), Simone Bracalente (Volontarius, Bolzano), Patrizia Trincanato (Councillor for Culture, the Municipality of Bolzano)

The Swedish landscape architect Meike Schalk and the beekeeper Erika Mayr will build an urban vegetable garden together with Donne Nissà and residents of the Don Bosco district. Not only plants and vegetables are grown in the garden, but also relationships and friendships.

The right to escape

09th July 2010 – Public lecture
Sandro Mezzadra, researcher of post-fordist forms of life and of contemporary migratory phenomena, will talk of migration, impasse, cultural and linguistic translation, and of the “right of escape” of everyone, migrant and non migrant citizens.

10th July 2010 – Seminar
Sandro Mezzadra, in dialogue with the Rete per i diritti dei senza voce (Migrant Network).
An informal discussion to examine the relation between old and new rights, starting from the South Tyrolean context and from the concrete experience of the participants.

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Flyer: Se non ora – quando? (front)
Flyer: Se non ora – quando? (front)
Flyer: Se non ora – quando? (back)
Flyer: Se non ora – quando? (back)
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