A film

To begin with spaghetti bends dreamily here and there, curving itself to then end up in a pot of boiling water. The Spaghettator. Every day his mother prepares spaghetti and is very proud of him, smiles and confirms her true emotions. The Spaghettator rolls the spaghetti around his fork, eats it, plays guitar and abandons himself to his dreams: spaghetti is everywhere, between men and women, the tram that runs on tramlines made of spaghetti, traffic on highways, the astronaut in space, underwater…
The Spaghettator wakes up, goes shopping with his mother and walks around the void of the desolate city. Finally, the pasta is ready. The Spaghettator plunges into the spaghetti, which breathes. It’s a monster. The Spaghettator is tiny and gets bigger together with the spaghetti. He becomes president and talks to the people. Finally, the big movement! However, all this is done only with his mother – and never without spaghetti! In the end, everyone will be a Spaghettator.
The film is a solemn hymn to a plate of spaghetti and, at the same time, an abstract propaganda film.

Spaghettator - The movie
A movement

We offer the opportunity to be part of a movement. The direction remains undefined, the flavour not. The guests form an initial local organisation, which represents the basis of the movement, and that then extends to other locations depending on their choices and interests. Founding a movement with Spaghettator can be exciting, because the outcome is uncertain but there is a desire to get something going. Exhibiting the Spaghettator within the space of a gallery is a liberation from the observance of traditions and religious references. It is a movement with flavour.

A meal

Eating a plate of spaghetti, very laid back in the world. A carefully selected mother will prepare al dente spaghetti with a sauce. A singular action made together with an open society. To be part of the movement, please contact Heinz Mader: h_mader@libero.it.

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