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Der Erheber – Il rilevatore

“Carrying out a private census beside the official one is an idea that I deem to be good because it is effortless: whilst surveying data, pictures and impressions of entering private houses have been taken (published on the website of Lungomare Bozen-Bolzano). A lot of work to achieve a result that is interesting only with regard to curiosity. Which colours South Tyroleans are wearing towards the end of 2011 is not a vital matter; it is pure decoration. The poll could have centred on the initial of names, for instance, or, to remain within the context of colours, the one of cars, doors, carpets and – if present – hair, might have been surveyed. The aesthetic value would have been the same. And it is also this discretionary aspect that I like and that seems interesting.
All colours have been divided into nine categories which are neither too vague nor excessively precise, to avoid dispersion in the visualisation of results. The surveyed population has been considered for four vast age ranges, as well as for different sexes. After having set this methodological blueprint, the data collector has assigned two points to each person, imagining that he would not always have found people dressed in only one colour and, in the eventuality that the colours were more than two, deciding to count only the predominant ones.” Thomas Grandi

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