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The creation process of the posters against violence against women* was accompanied by dialogues with activists and experts.

In two digital, discursive workshops at the end of March, different perspectives were brought together, which in their combination drew a complex and sometimes painful picture of our society.

How do patriarchal structures condition prevailing myths in our society? What image of women* is conveyed to boys and men from an early age and how does this form a breeding ground for various forms of violence? How can we “queer” these images? What performative effect does an unreflective use of language have? How do men also suffer under patriarchal structures? Whose voices can be heard? And what does it mean to be a body of colour occupying space?

By collecting different perspectives and the discussions that arose, we tried to explore themes, images, languages and narratives that the posters dealt with artistically and literarily. These spaces of shared exchange continued in the form of readings, discussions, performances and concerts between May and September 2021 in Bolzano at Lungomare, in Merano at Kunst Meran and at the Summer School Südtirol.

Discussion #1

23.03.2021 / 14.00 – 17.00

Monika Hauser (Founder and Board Member of the women’s rights organisation Medica Mondiale)
Armin Bernhard (Professor of Social Science, Co-Founder of the Network for Violence Prevention)

Discussion #2

31.03.2021 / 16.00 – 19.00

Barbara Bachman & Franziska Gilli (Authors of the book: Whore or Saint – Being a Woman in Italy)
Fouzia Wamaitha Kinyanjui (Activist and Feminist; Organises and coordinates awareness raising projects and empowerment against racism)
Christine Clignon (GEA, Bolzano Women’s Shelter, Contact Point against Violence against Women)

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#qualcosanonva goes to Jesi


With Pensiero Manifesto

The #qualcosanonva #etwaslaeuftfalsch campaign against violence against women was shown in the city of Jesi (Marche) on the occasion of the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women” from 25 November 2021.

Pensiero Manifesto collective is a group of people who have decided to provide a critical reading of the social and cultural context in which they live, using graphic language and a specific tool: the poster.

The members of the collective come from different backgrounds: graphic designers, artists, illustrators, photographers, video-makers, anthropologists, researchers, all sharing the same vision, which associates the word communication with the concept of usefulness. They take the floor to stimulate confrontation, to activate a dialogue, to claim the profound bond between a city and its inhabitants.

The poster is the meeting place, a 70×100 diaphragm in which the private becomes public, in which individual thought becomes collective.

Public Presentations

The campaign is supported and shared by an continously growing network of partners:

  • Feminist Infocafé Merano
  • Women’s Office of the Municipality of Bolzano
  • Women against Violence Merano
  • Women’s shelter service Brixen
  • Women’s March South Tyrol
  • Women’s Museum Merano
  • GEA- Women’s Shelter Bolzano
  • Equality Council South Tyrol
  • Non Una Di Meno Bolzano- Bolzano
  • Pensiero Manifesto
With the support of

Autonomous Province of Bolzano
Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
Municipality of Bolzano
Stiftung Sparkasse Foundation
Municipality of Brixen