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Opening of the project space Lungomare

The press conference took place on 10 October 2003 at Lungomare where the concept of the project space was presented. Lungomare opened to the public on 11 October 2003.
Below you can read an excerpt of the first concept of Lungomare. Over the years the concept was developed further.

“A gallery for creation – a platform where design interacts with different forms of creative expression, with various designers, a place to confront and exchange with active public citizens. Designers of different types of expression show their projects and present their products as miniseries or reproducable prototypes. Products are will be shown, that at this time have not been produced on an industrial level. Every four months the gallery will elaborate shows with a new theme.

Lungomare is an active platform on which companies, design critics, journalists and other design galleries, authorities and institutions are invited to discuss ideas at the gallery. Products, installations, films, musical and landscaping projects and other forms of creativity will be presented. Conferences will be organized as well as symposiums, workshops and seminars on recent themes in the creative field.

The gallery has a bar that stimulates encounters and confrontations with clients. Visitors have the possibility to see the projects that are shown, to try them and have contact with the designers. The bar offers monthly activities, such as culinary events, brunches on Sundays and evening cocktails.”

Concept Lungomare

Exhibition and closing event

During the period of the show several projects and products were presented that interpreted the theme “Inside-Out”. This way, it was not only explained in depth but also confronted with different points of view. The show brings together prototypes, limited edition series and projects which have been developed especially for it.  A range of objects were shown inside the gallery space and an installation was set up in the garden.

The closing of Inside-Out consisted of two events: Manuela Demattio and Roberto Gigliotti inaugurated a garden project outside the gallery space and Helmut Heiss and Josef Rainer deinstalled the show taking at the same time the traces of the exhibits down.

Presentation Skolast

On October 20 the student magazine “Skolast” was presented to the public at Lungomare.

Concert by WangInc.

One event held in the frame of the show was a concert on December 5. The production of electronic music by WangInc. was accompanied by visuals (Saul Saguatti) projected onto the windows of the Lungomare gallery space.

Printed matter
Invitation card. Graphic design: Thomas Grandi
Invitation card: Inside-Out. Graphic design: Thomas Grandi
More materials
Video. Lungomare: a space, a gallery

This video was made at the occasion of the opening of the project space Lungomare in 2003 and shows the idea and the “making of” of the first exhibition “Inside-Out”, which was running at Lungomare from 10/10/2003-31/01/2004. A film by Vincenzo Mancuso, produced for RAI Sender Bozen.

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