Lungomare, public space of Bolzano, Artissima Lido Turin

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The project will commence with a research week that will be held between October 25th and 30th, 2010. A total of 36 people—including historians, journalists, philosophers, curators, architects, artists, designers, writers, political scientists, and sociologists—will conduct a week-long research session at the Lungomare offices: the objective will be to observe the thematic starting point of the project from a broad perspective. The exchange of ideas and opinions worked out over the course of the week will provide the point of departure for a joint action and campaign carried out in the public spaces of the city by seven designers and artists throughout the course of the year 2011. The question remains open whether this action and campaign will in fact result in a monument or whether the concept of a monument will be demarcated in such a way that this project cannot be defined as such.

During the preliminary and execution phases, the research project develops further and—following the initial input as part of the research week—takes the concrete form of a glossary on the website of the research project the research develops. The glossary will be a compilation of all the important terms that come up over the course of the debate, create links and distinctions between them, and put forth opposing opinions.


The project Jederland engages with the issues of property and possession and how the resulting power structures shape the way we live together. Jederland’s objective is to free a piece of land from its status of possession in order to withdraw it from the dynamics of power it is usually subjected to. We want to create a vacuum in the urban fabric in which rigid conventions and systems are suspended, a space of imagination where new modes of living together can be developed. The land, physically located in the urban space of Bolzano, should on the one hand prompt a questioning of the limits of current property laws, and on the other hand represents a lever for a broad discussion on property, possession, community and common goods. Considering the ever-present territorial conflicts, our willingness to rethink these concepts is taking on a crucial role.

Within Winter 2011 “Jederland” will be realised by means of a real estate in the urban space of Bolzano. “Jederland” is a collaborative project between Brave New Alps, Helmut Heiss, Eva Mair, Maja Malina, and Katherina Putzer, the curators of the project are Angelika Burtscher and Daniele Lupo.

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Elective Neighborhoods

The blog, entitled “Elective Neighborhoods”, starts from an independent point of view and explores the central theme of urban identity: living. The residential community, as a special, cooperative form of life becomes the object of research: it is a tangible and social space—in small as well as large cities— that goes beyond family, in which the private sphere is shared with others. What we call “Elective Neighborhoods” already exists as local networks in which people help each other to solve specific tasks that are part of a common area of ​​interest. More than ever, students, employees and sometimes several couples or families create living units with very different compositions. These living unites reflect the society of our time, and are a typical development of urban life. The Elective Neighborhoods blog will investigate the various forms, motives, types of communities, feeling of community, and spatial arrangements that form part of communal life in Bolzano. Visits to Bolzano’s various residential communities lead to moments in which their inhabitants reflect their constitution.

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