Lungomare and public space in Bolzano

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16/03/07, 7pm
Opening with the jury: Fabio Bortolani, Helene Hölzl, Rainer Köberl, Marko Lulic, Peter Zoderer

16/03/07 – 22/04/07
Exhibition in Lungomare

21/04/07, 7pm
Opening of the interventions in public space of Bolzano/Bozen

21/04/07, 7pm
Lungomare Concert: Daniela Cattivelli, electronics & Margareth Kammerer, voice and guitar (Berlin/ Bologna)

21/04/07 – 19/05/07
Exhibition in the public space of Bolzano/Bozen

Call for participation

The gallery Lungomare presents the project “ausgesetzt_spaesato_exposed” and invites to participate to a “call for participation”. The project is curated by Angelika Burtscher, Daniele Lupo, Heimo Prünster and Antonietta Putzu.

5 objects of the everyday have been placed in the public space and documented. Artists and Creatives from different disciplines are invited to choose one ore more objects of the photographs and to rethink and to subsequently redesign these objects independent of the place shown in the photograph.

Below you can find a conceptual description of the project and five photographs that outline its idea. The represented place and the position of the objects (vertical and horizontal) are changeable. By the 2nd of March all projects have to be sent to Lungomare, from the 16th march they will be exhibited in the gallery and published in summer 2007. Also on march 16th a jury will choose five works from all submitted projects. On occasion of the closing day of the exhibition at the end of April, these five projects will be realised in the city space of Bolzano.

Call for participation: ausgesetzt_spaesato

Interventions in public space in Bolzano
Gruppe Effektiv


During a three-day action the Viennese cooperative, Effektiv will dig a pit on the Talvera fields. A ladder will be left in the pit as soon as its predetermined depth has been reached. The performance wants to provoke associations evoked from the image of a building site, an earth sculpture, and an unusable hole, and allows for passersby to make their own personal definitions of the installation. The group Effektiv creates an irresolvable relationship between the object of the ladder and a hole.

Sissa Micheli & Elise Mougin

“plug & voice”

“Plug and voice” are three talking electric sockets installed in three different locations in Via dei Portici. The three electric sockets attract curious passersby through sounds, whistles, and exclamations. The object of the electric socket is used in order to recall a daily gesture that loses its function in an ironic and irritating way, creating a link between the visible world and its invisible and mysterious aspects.

“plug & voice”

„Plug and voice“ sind drei „sprechende“ Steckdosen, die den öffentlichen Raum der Stadt mit einer Soundcollage bespielen. Die deutsch bzw. italienisch sprechenden Steckdosen machen die Passanten an drei Orten der Laubengasse durch Zurufe auf sich aufmerksam. Die Installation wird zu einem lockenden und ironischen Irritationsobjekt. „plug and voice“ verbindet die sichtbare, vordergründige Welt mit der unsichtbaren, geheimnisvollen.

Micheli & Mougin: Psst, vieni qui


“There are many myths”

The cooperative, Minove presents the action “There are many myths” that focuses the perception of urban space from a child’s point of view. During the action, they will invite a group of children from the association “La Vispa Teresa” to define and mark their favourite urban spaces with button-shaped stickers. A photographic documentation of the action will be presented on the Talvera fields and the button-shaped stickers will be distributed to passersby, inviting them to continue the mapping of favourite places.

Martin Siegrist


The work “x-ing” by Martin Siegrist refers to the urban landscape and the perception of its boundaries. Through the installation of four road signs, the observer is invited to recognize the limits of our urban landscape and to measure themselves against it. The banality of the everyday object of the “ladder”, represented on the signs becomes an instrument of analysis, a catalyst that highlights and displays the invisible limits of the urban landscape.

Concept: x-ing

Studio Verissimo


The Verissimo studio transfers the function of an electric socket from private to public space, making it accessible to passersby.The sockets take the shape of a red cross, and are placed on a column in both Piazza Walter and the bus station. The object makes reference to the First Aid sign and by doing so emphasizes its characteristic of emergency. Whoever needs electricity can plug in at these two points in the city.


21/04/07, 7pm
Daniela Cattivelli, electronics & Margareth Kammerer, voice and guitar (Berlin/ Bologna)

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Poster: ausgesetzt_spaesato

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