Franz Held Library, Jenesien/San Genesio
Gruberhof, Afing/Avigna
Filmclub, Bozen/Bolzano

Project in collaboration with: municipality and “Bildungsausschuss” of San Genesio, Raetia Publishers, Bolzano Filmclub and Akademie der Künste Berlino

Curated by
John Heartfield, Fotomonteur

Thursday, 04/10/2012, 6.30pm
Screening of the film in German at Filmclub Bolzano
GER 1977 | 65 min | Directed by: Helmut Herbst. Screenplay: Tom Fecht

He He He DA DA – Franz Held, John Heartfield, Wieland Herzfelde

Friday, 05/10/2012, 7pm
Opening of the He He He DA DA exhibition – Franz Held, John Heartfield, Wieland Herzfelde
“Dada Sonore”, a renewal of the soundtracks of the films “Paris qui dort” and “Entr’acte” by Renè Clair in the Lungomare garden, music by Stefano Bernardi & ziZ

Thursday, 25/10/2012, 8.30pm
Closing event
Live act with Jörg Zemmler

Press release: He he he DA DA

Jörg Zemmler - Live
Library of Franz Held

Saturday, 06/10/2012
Jenesien/San Genesio
3.30pm Opening of the library of Franz Held

The “Franz Hero Library” has been opened in San Genesio. For the library, residents were asked to provide their support by collecting or writing traditional stories and legends and submitting them to either the municipal library or the Lungomare project space.
The well-known writer Franz Hero (1862 – 1908) stayed several times in San Genesio and has “rendered outstanding service to our country through his numerous, colorful descriptions of the country and people of Tirol “. (Bolzano News, 1900). His influence on the literary and artistic world, although largely unnoticed, remains to this day. And it was from San Genesio that he became one of the initiators of the Dada movement and the literary avant-garde of the 20th century based on his texts and thoughts, which were partly inspired by South Tyrolean legends.


Call: He He He DA DA
Call: He He He DA DA
Franz Held – Vordadaistische Texte aus Jenesien

Saturday, 06/10/2012, 3pm
Jenesien/San Genesio
Walk and He He He DA DA–Party

4 pm Audio poetry walk with Martin Abram to Gruberhof in Afing/Avigna
5 pm Refreshments at Gruberhof
6 pm Presentation of the book „Franz Held – Vordadaistische Texte aus Jenesien“ published by Raetia, edited by: Hans Winkler, Kurt Lanthaler, Martin Hanni


“Hans Winkler, Kurt Lanthaler, Martin Hanni (Hrsg.): Franz Held. Vordadaistische Texte aus Jenesien”. Frankfurter Buchmesse, 2012 (by: aufdraht). Published: 2012. Genre: discussion/talk (in German)

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