The audio players can be borrowed free of charge in the following locations:

  • Azienda di soggiorno e turismo di Bolzano / Verkehrsamt der Stadt Bozen
  • Biblioteca culture del mondo / Bibliothek Kulturen der Welt
  • Biblioteca civica / Stadtbibliothek C. Battisti
  • Biblioteca della Libera Università di Bolzano / Bibliothek der Freien Universität Bozen


You can download and listen the guide here:



YOU ARE BUT YOU ARE NOT is an audio-guide on the theme of borders and hospitality. The guide is trilingual (German, Italian and English), in three chapters, and is conceived as a permanent audio track for the city of Bolzano.

YOU ARE BUT YOU ARE NOT is a project by the geographer Kolar Aparna and the artist Beatrice Catanzaro and is curated and produced by Lungomare in the context of their long-term residency 2016-2017. The script of the audio-guide was written by Elena Pugliese.

YOU ARE BUT YOU ARE NOT interconnects research on migration with cultural production, moves between reality and fiction, and is the result of participative research and work practices with the civil society, activists, reserachers, representatives of NGOs and refugees from the area around Bolzano. The audio-guide follows a given route in the public space of the city of Bolzano. It starts at Bolzano train station and moves along the “margins” of the city, passing through the area of the train station to the Rosegger Park, opposite the police central station (questura). The listener is guided by a narrating voice, which interlaces facts with metaphors, and reflects on the shifting of boundaries and the emergence of biographies, as well as on the conditions of hosting and becoming refugee in Europe. The voice of the narrator overlaps with the sounds of the city and changes perception of urban space and its passers-by.
The piece aims to offer a reflective journey filtered by emotions produced by asylum procedures. Its creators aim to offer a journey in which the listerner is constantly also responsible to the production of the audio-guide in its performance, rather than forced into a fixed condition.

Public Program

The audioguide YOU ARE BUT YOU ARE NOT was launched through a public program. A free guided tour was offered to the public every Thursday. The audio guide used to end up at the project’s installation, designed by Messner Architects office in the Station Park and was followed by a discussion with an expert and a moderator on specific topics relating to the YOU ARE BUT YOU ARE NOT project. In addition, guided tours have been arranged for groups throughout the whole year. The installation has become a meeting place and venue for the duration of the public program, with talks, workshops and concerts.



Kolar Aparna

is a geographer who lives and works in Nijmegen (NL). She works as a researcher at the Nijmegen Center for Border Research at Radboud University. In her current research she questions the limitations of the prevailing discourse about admission and hospitality, as well as current approaches to asylum, migration and borders.

 Beatrice Catanzaro

is an artist who lives and works in Milan (I). She is currently a PhD candidate at Oxford Brookes University. In her work, Catanzaro is concerned with participatory projects related to a social and political dynamic. Of particular importance is the project “Bait al Karama” (House of Dignity) in Nablus, a city in the Palestinian territory, where the artist lived for several years and created this first women’s centre.

Information about the project:



Curated and produced by
(Angelika Burtscher, Roberto Gigliotti, Daniele Lupo, Lisa Mazza)

A project by
Kolar Aparna (geographer)
Beatrice Catanzaro (artist)

Efrem Mehbrahtu Gebreab (geographer)
Claudia Pretto (jurist)
Elena Pugliese (author, biographer)
Francesco Strocchi (historian of the Roman Historiography)

In collaboration with
Benno Baumgarten (Museum of Nature South Tyrol)
Giancarlo Boggio (Binario 1)
Barbara Bogoni
Chiara Bongiorno (lawyer)
Thomas Brancaglion (legal adviser)
Luigi Cardascia (Associazione River Equipe, Bozen-Bolzano)
Iain Chambers (Università degli Studi di Napoli “L’Orientale”)
Michele Fucich (mediator)
Oumar Kande (artisan)
Eliana Muraro (Binario 1)
Anastasia Routou (Associazione Volontarius, Bozen-Bolzano)
Dona Sunday (artisan)
Leonhard Voltmer (Caritas, Bozen-Bolzano)

Text by: Elena Pugliese
Voice (Italian): Andrea Castelli
Voice (English, German): Johann Nikolussi
Editing: Stefano Bernardi
Translations: Maxi Obexer (German), Simon Turner (English)

Production assistant
Stephanie von Gelmini
Adrian Luncke

Chiara Bongiorno, Sunday Dona, Michele Fucich, Oumar Kande, Caroline Khuen Belasi, Farid Kaplan

Participants public program
Marco Angelucci (Press association Bozen)
Chiara Bongiorno (advocate)
Thomas Brancaglion (legal adviser)
Bakary Darboe (artisan)
Darifar (Farhad Sidiqi, Riccardo Ferrara, Girisha Fernando)
Matteo De Checchi (Collettivo Mamadou)
Sunday Dona (artisan)
Caroline von Hohenbühl (Binario 1)
Adel Jabbar (sociologist)
Oumar Kande (mediator)
Walter Lorenz (professor, unibz)
Lea Mair (Binario 1)
Serenella Margotti (Scioglilingua)
Annamaria Molin (Scioglilingua)
Matteo Moretti (professor, unibz)
Claudia Pretto (jurist)
Chiara Rabini (responsible for refugees and asylum seekers for the city of Bolzano)
Alessandro Verona (Intersos)
Stephan Wallisch (journalist)
Antenne Migranti – monitoring along the Brennero route

Texts by: Kolar Aparna, Angelika Burtscher, Beatrice Catanzaro, Roberto Gigliotti, Daniele Lupo, Lisa Mazza, Elena Pugliese
Translations:  Eva Dewes (German), Ada Arduini (Italian), Simon Turner (English)
Foto / Photo tessera hospitalis: Stephanie von Gelmini

Graphic design / Web design
Manuel Ehrenfeld, Ema Cima (

Installation in the Public Space
Messner Architects

Simone Gelmini
Sara Zolla

Thank you
Marco Baroni, Matthias Baur, Paolo Boccagni, Simone Bracalente, Sabrina Bussani, Federica Dalla Pria, Huda Degu, Manuel Donadi, Huib Ernste, Filmon Estifanos, Mamadou Gaye, Georg Hofer, Brita Köhler, Franz Kompatscher, Tommaso Leporati, Giulia Levi, Roberta Medda-Windischer, Lea Mair, Johanna Mitterhofer, Massimiliano Monnecchi, Olivier (for leaving the book on Medea by the window), Chiara Onestini, Chiara Paoli, Claudia Polizzi and Stefano Riba, Anastasia Routou, Shelley Sacks, Joris Schapendonk and Henk Van Houtum from Nijmegen, Beatrice Tedeschi, Karl Tragust, Monika Weissensteiner, Verena Wisthaler.

With the support

Autonome Provinz Bozen-Südtirol / Provincia Autonoma Bolzano-Alto Adige

Robert Bosch Stiftung / Fondazione Robert Bosch

Gemeinde Bozen / Comune di Bolzano

Autonome Region Trentino-Südtirol / Regione Autonoma Trentino-Alto Adige

Stiftung Südtiroler Sparkasse / Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio

Parkhotel Laurin


With the patronage of UNHCR – United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees