Music - Performance
Che Razza di Rap!


28.05.2021 ::: 9 pm – 11 pm
Che Razza di Rap!
Wii (Wissal Houbabi) with GGT and Bube

In italian


“Che razza di rap” is an experiment of literary hip-hop that narrates the life of those who move between several cultures, the so-called children of the second generation, the mestizos, the new Italians and the Afro-Italians.
It is an audiovisual journey that begins with the carefreeness of childhood and then clashes with the apparent inadequacy of one’s own being and identity.
It tells what it means to be a foreigner in Italy and a tourist in Morocco, and how rap as a travelling companion leads to awareness and redemption.


The music performance will take place in the spaces of the Lungomare garden.
Please note that access is limited to 40 people.

< rotor >


10.06.2021 ::: 7 pm
< rotor >
Center for Contemporary Art, Graz



In German


The long-term project DIE SCHULE DES WIR is currently running in the art centre < rotor > in Graz. Once again, the focus is on living together. Conviviality among humans and non-humans, in other words a prosperous coexistence of all forms of life, that is what the contributions of the involved artists focus on in the spaces of < rotor > as well as in five places in the neighbourhood. There, “islands of togetherness” were created, which were conceived as usable artworks due to the increased need for rest zones in public space during the pandemic.

Margarethe Makovec & Anton Lederer, the founders and artistic directors of < rotor >, will present DIE SCHULE DES WIR and will present some examples of artworks and projects from over 20 years of the institution’s history that have led to the current project.
The programme of < rotor > starts from the visual arts and concentrates on those artistic works that explicitly deal with social, political, ecological and economic questions of the present.

Collaboration and networking are essential elements of the < rotor > philosophy. This concerns the linking work within the art field, but above all also means acting beyond the boundaries of art by involving people and organisations from the most diverse backgrounds in the programming. In this context, the public space is an important place for < rotor > to expand the boundaries of art and to actively bring people into contact with it.


The event will take place at Lungomare.
Please note that access for the visitors is limited.

Film-Screening and Talk
Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński


17.06.2021 ::: 7 pm
Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński
Unearthing. In Conversation (2017)

Unearthing. In Conversation (2017) takes its starting point in an exploration of photographs taken in the 20th century by the Austro-Czech missionary, author and ethnologist Paul Schebesta (1887-1967). In her film, Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński unravels a multi-layered dialogue – examining gaze regimes, the everydayness of colonial violence, and artistic strategies for dealing with it. Rooted in Black feminist theory, the artist works with a research-based and process-oriented investigative practice that engages with archives – specifically the gaps and voids in public collections and archives. By combining the documentary and the fictional, she exposes the presence of an ongoing colonial past.



With the support of: Provincia Autonoma Bolzano-Alto Adige, Ufficio cultura; Comune di Bolzano, Ufficio cultura; Regione Trentino-Alto Adige; Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio; Parkhotel Laurin.