7.30 pm – talk Luigi Coppola & LOSS
9-12 pm – performance Mistermissmissmister / Ana Borralho & João Galante

7.30 pm – talk Ana Borralho & João Galante
9 pm – performance Yingmei Duan & Luigi Coppola
10.30 pm – performance Meatphysics / Ana Borralho & João Galante

7.30 pm – talk Yingmei Duan
9 pm – performance Atti di ordinario esercizio democratico / Luigi Coppola & LOSS
10.30 pm – performance Yingmei Duan


Performance by Ana Borralho & João Galante

“Mistermissmissmister” is based on erotic imagery. Nothing is unambiguous, neither the sex nor the sexuality of the performers. The audience is sitting directly opposite the naked performers. Creating an intimate atmosphere that one can hardly escape. The spectators decide themselves how much they want to get involved, they determine the kind of relationship with the performers and the moment in which they get up and leave their place to another spectator.


Performance by Ana Borralho & João Galante

Meatphysics, we are interested in exploring the relationship between the social and the biological body in contemporary society. We’ll concentrate on the boundary/relationship between the spectator and the work, by integrating the audience in the performance’s space and time. Like in their previous projects no body never mind (001, 002 and 003), Meatphysics is a performance addressing the themes body/mind, outside/inside, emotion/feeling, me/others, true/false.

Acts of Ordinary Democratic Exercise

Performance by Luigi Coppola & LOSS

The “Acts” are experiments of performing creation in a system defined by rules and symbols established democratically by a community. They are a sort of primitive exposed democracy in which the community, in this case made up of 3 performers, having defined its own “System”, proceeds to elect the delegate who will have the possibility of constructing actions, figures and relationships, using the bodies of the representatives and the space. Different acts in different communities are experimented. Each community chooses its own rules regarding how it works and its own symbols of adhesion to the system.

Ghost and I

Performance by Yingmei Duan & Luigi Coppola

The attention is focused on the crisis of European culture and the schematic construction of new social models. It would be a continuous and futile attempt to define new scenarios of social relationships, based on the consolidated culture of the Old Continent. The ghost is the advancing of the indefinite, incarnated by cultures that we can hear are coming, but are not able to identify. It forces them to join in the game and seek in desperation for new models of social order.
Through the construction of simple and direct performative actions, the artistic duo, composed of the Chinese artist Yingmei Duan and the Italian Luigi Coppola, work on activation, shaking-up relational mechanisms that criticise passivity and encourage taking the stance of a conscious and direct social actor. The duo also work on distances, fears, and the political and cultural divides that separate European culture from that of Asia.

Venus from rubbish

Performance by Yingmei Duan

The performance works on the aesthetics of a pathological state. Venus from rubbish is a performance marked by restlessness and the impossibility of relating to others. The components of the performance which are rubbish, a china vase, the statue of a Buddha, images of a clown and a pornographic magazine are signs which symbolically describe a sense of emptiness, without prospects, they are testimonies of the fears and melancholy for another life or perhaps for a life elsewhere.

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Invitation card: Partecipanti, connessi e in-dipendenti (back)
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