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Sunday Bob

Has there ever been a band that dared to cross over the entire spectrum of pop music?
And has it ever been possible before to integrate imperfection into the perfect world of pop?
Peter Pichler and Jörg Zemmler are SUNDAY BOB, a duo from Vienna with South-Tyrolean origins.
They play electronic pop music with e-guitar, English vocals and a wink. They sing about mysteries, love, North America, equalities and differences, they recite old drinking songs, rap and remix.
SUNDAY BOB had his breakthrough with the FM4-Hit „Yes for sure“. Music for dancing or for listening. By reason of the new album Own Standards which will be realised at the 8.5.2015 by Red Plankton Records on vinyl or for download SUNDAY BOB is on tour with gigs in Vienna, Linz, Innsbruck, and Bolzano. In Bolzano they will play at Lungomare. Entry is based on donation.